The Look-back!


let me explain in my #SteveHarvey voice!  you see as a pro`fotog…  gentlemen i have captured this technique over and over again..

“When a young lady walks past you and then looks back….it is completely different then the look up..  it is and should mostly be understood from such lady that…  as I am on a journey, a path, a direction in which I am going and will continue to go… see i was there..and now I am not…I am traveling to a better, bigger, stronger place in Life.. a place of Success in which I must succeed at!   for it is my destiny, my calling, and my sheer will power that will carry me to places even farther and better then where i was!”  You see when a young lady has past you … she has already gone on… advanced from the location from where you are currently standing.. and the #LookBack is to just say…  you too can take a journey..  I have..  and will continue ..  you can too..  but if you stay there…you will never make it anywhere…”

See it is not an invitation to conversation….but an invitation to action… and is just her way to motivate life into someone else…for she is the flower in the sun… a beauty to be seen..  and glory to the Spring: a new life, creature grown up from dirt & dust & light…is now something reborn -fresh & full of fragrance for all the world to see!”  So the next time you get looked back at-  don’t just try to catch up… but get up!  and go take your journey so that you can one day look back at where you came from…and smile!