Peace, attempting to obtain perfection!

Is there Perfection in Peace

         The Peace about being Perfect – the idea or thought of it can be overwhelming,  provoking and a life’s long journey!  To capture ~ to create ~ to inspire ~ to impart one’s own ideas of visual art to the multitude can be a painstaking journey. The artist does not just mold, or bend, or paint, or capture, or illuminate!  The art is not just a physical rendering of innate objects to form into a displayable subject. The art is part of the creators’ very being. For a vision is first dreamt and conceived deep down in their creative imagination and soul.  Then the art festers in such a way, that this individual becomes the hosts of passion until life is breathed into their medium. The anguish of just imagining what would it be like can no longer exist!  There must come a time when the reality of the physical has to create the passion that is visioned within!

       Art is alive, Art is life, Art is the breath of creation into our mediums that surround mankind…  for it is our inspiration that we use to forge with hands as well as the very words we speak…  Art is the reflection of creation and ourselves…

Allowing imperfections

      In the pursuit to Perfect, our own Art ~ comes those moments that are simple and breath taking…   moments that imagination has changed from a medium to a monument!  When it is no longer just an idea to capture, paint, illuminate, bend or mold, but a physical statement of our creativity.  A moment when a creation has been cultivated into something bigger than ourselves. and the Artist has imposed life into something from nothing. A moment of perfected peace,  when that art has become life – when it is no longer just an imaginary image –  when we close our eyes, and dream of what could be; for it (the Art) has become a reality.
is there ever Perfect peace, when creating art?  I prefer to ask, is there LIFE in the Art that which was created? For life is imperfectly perfect, and that is just perfect for me – which brings peace.

Perfect Peace
Perfect Peace