Lights ~ Camera ~ Smiles

As a photographer, there is an amazing power to capture, freeze in a moment, & record the lights/shadows of the world around us.

The one thing with imagery is that there is no sound, no motion,  no live ~ actual moment.  it is a “still” of times past, a mil-second of some sliver of light that has been exposed and is now gone.  The reality is it is untouchable, unbreathable, unlivable.

But to the soul, the heart and LIFE that can express and portray their joys, tears, laughter and fears, their feelings, and sense of being into a “split still” of time.. That is it!  thus the creation of life in a beam of once lived – now comes to bring smiles and joys for all to see.

I say well done!  our stage actress Rose T.  Well done!   8)

Rose T. Actress Model Performer