Eyes like a Diamond

#EyesLikeDiamond…  There are moments in a models’ and/or anyones’ life that is seeking to be fashionable or present beauty professionally: that compliments can be a normal occurrence.! Even to the point of being overwhelmed and it would be a breath of fresh air to hear something different, more creative, besides- ” ohh so pretty”… This goes for all types of attention and adornment. Short/Tall/Cute/Big/Pretty/Smart/Handsome/Athletic … what ever the over-“watering” flattering situation is.. Life can cause the human nature to seek the opposite for a mere balance or change of direction…

I know…. i have seen it too many times first hand…

The Attention i want to bring your eyes to is not the beauty of the individual here… but the natural raw talent… the ora, and essence of her artistic ability to draw the viewer in, to seek more ~ to question ~ to ponder~ This is a God given talent! One that has been sought after to be drawn, sculptured, painted, captured, and adorn since the beginnings of time… its the shine of the shinny and the glitter in the Gold.. the sparkle in the diamond that draws the appraiser in for a more in-depth look..

and truth be told – A diamond, (just a harden mineral from the blackest of compounds coal).. does not sparkle on its on…. it has an ability to capture pure white light and defragment it out with a distinctive reflective property that is its own unique design of a diamond… this Love & adornment for the most precious of stones is not what it is- but how it causes you to reflect on the light differently when seen..

And so truth be told about this young talent, there are many precious stones (models) in the world… but it is those artist with something special, a born given talent, that causes the audiences to admire with the most simplest of gestures… Kudos! and Keep shinning!

Eyes Like Diamond