Peace, attempting to obtain perfection!

Is there Perfection in Peace

         The Peace about being Perfect – the idea or thought of it can be overwhelming,  provoking and a life’s long journey!  To capture ~ to create ~ to inspire ~ to impart one’s own ideas of visual art to the multitude can be a painstaking journey. The artist does not just mold, or bend, or paint, or capture, or illuminate!  The art is not just a physical rendering of innate objects to form into a displayable subject. The art is part of the creators’ very being. For a vision is first dreamt and conceived deep down in their creative imagination and soul.  Then the art festers in such a way, that this individual becomes the hosts of passion until life is breathed into their medium. The anguish of just imagining what would it be like can no longer exist!  There must come a time when the reality of the physical has to create the passion that is visioned within!

       Art is alive, Art is life, Art is the breath of creation into our mediums that surround mankind…  for it is our inspiration that we use to forge with hands as well as the very words we speak…  Art is the reflection of creation and ourselves…

Allowing imperfections

      In the pursuit to Perfect, our own Art ~ comes those moments that are simple and breath taking…   moments that imagination has changed from a medium to a monument!  When it is no longer just an idea to capture, paint, illuminate, bend or mold, but a physical statement of our creativity.  A moment when a creation has been cultivated into something bigger than ourselves. and the Artist has imposed life into something from nothing. A moment of perfected peace,  when that art has become life – when it is no longer just an imaginary image –  when we close our eyes, and dream of what could be; for it (the Art) has become a reality.
is there ever Perfect peace, when creating art?  I prefer to ask, is there LIFE in the Art that which was created? For life is imperfectly perfect, and that is just perfect for me – which brings peace.

Perfect Peace
Perfect Peace

Eyes like a Diamond

#EyesLikeDiamond…  There are moments in a models’ and/or anyones’ life that is seeking to be fashionable or present beauty professionally: that compliments can be a normal occurrence.! Even to the point of being overwhelmed and it would be a breath of fresh air to hear something different, more creative, besides- ” ohh so pretty”… This goes for all types of attention and adornment. Short/Tall/Cute/Big/Pretty/Smart/Handsome/Athletic … what ever the over-“watering” flattering situation is.. Life can cause the human nature to seek the opposite for a mere balance or change of direction…

I know…. i have seen it too many times first hand…

The Attention i want to bring your eyes to is not the beauty of the individual here… but the natural raw talent… the ora, and essence of her artistic ability to draw the viewer in, to seek more ~ to question ~ to ponder~ This is a God given talent! One that has been sought after to be drawn, sculptured, painted, captured, and adorn since the beginnings of time… its the shine of the shinny and the glitter in the Gold.. the sparkle in the diamond that draws the appraiser in for a more in-depth look..

and truth be told – A diamond, (just a harden mineral from the blackest of compounds coal).. does not sparkle on its on…. it has an ability to capture pure white light and defragment it out with a distinctive reflective property that is its own unique design of a diamond… this Love & adornment for the most precious of stones is not what it is- but how it causes you to reflect on the light differently when seen..

And so truth be told about this young talent, there are many precious stones (models) in the world… but it is those artist with something special, a born given talent, that causes the audiences to admire with the most simplest of gestures… Kudos! and Keep shinning!

Eyes Like Diamond


The Look-back!


let me explain in my #SteveHarvey voice!  you see as a pro`fotog…  gentlemen i have captured this technique over and over again..

“When a young lady walks past you and then looks back….it is completely different then the look up..  it is and should mostly be understood from such lady that…  as I am on a journey, a path, a direction in which I am going and will continue to go… see i was there..and now I am not…I am traveling to a better, bigger, stronger place in Life.. a place of Success in which I must succeed at!   for it is my destiny, my calling, and my sheer will power that will carry me to places even farther and better then where i was!”  You see when a young lady has past you … she has already gone on… advanced from the location from where you are currently standing.. and the #LookBack is to just say…  you too can take a journey..  I have..  and will continue ..  you can too..  but if you stay there…you will never make it anywhere…”

See it is not an invitation to conversation….but an invitation to action… and is just her way to motivate life into someone else…for she is the flower in the sun… a beauty to be seen..  and glory to the Spring: a new life, creature grown up from dirt & dust & light…is now something reborn -fresh & full of fragrance for all the world to see!”  So the next time you get looked back at-  don’t just try to catch up… but get up!  and go take your journey so that you can one day look back at where you came from…and smile!


Proposal? Are you planning on asking?


The Joys of life! A Proposal Did she say yes!?

When it comes to a proposal, allow FotoCafe to capture your special moment(s)!

Save the date days are fun, bright, and always different ~ enjoying life with the ones you love.  We headed south to Sarasota & Lido Key Beach to capture this today in the Florida sun and sand.

So did she say yes….?   I believe she did!  This fabulous couple had a great ceremony in Cancun to tie the knot.  Be sure to follow us on   @  FotoCafeLLC

Proposal? Did she say yes?
Save the Date

The Queen…

Happy Valentine’s Day,  #ValentinesDay

The gift I give to you is that of a Queen. To be caught in her eye, and be poised by her side, To embrace her elegance and know her stance, to merely breath the wind, as it passes by, to feel her eyes as they captivate your soul and grounds you to the floor,

I give you the Gift of a Queen – That which is meant to be seen,  As a Gift to all mankind, to hold the power of Life inside her seams, To know the sound of her voice that possess the ability to make all that is wrong sound like a bad dream, – her song is like that of a brook or stream, – with the Queen there is nothing but peace and puts all she would to touch at ease.  Though She guards her Heart – for that is where she keeps her deepest desires, hidden away from the cares of this world, from those that would seem to kill and destroy, for she knows,  that when she finds the one that will blend with your soul, she will open up and make a whole new world!  To the Queen!

Fatima The Queen
Fatima The Queen

To All the Queens…

Happy Valentines Day!  #ValentinesDay

The gift I give to you today, is that of a Queen. To be in presence of any woman that will endure your faults as much as your strengths, to hold your name in her mind as the desires of her attention, to cherish your past and wait on your future, to allow the brilliance that shines off her face to light your path of darkness. To be “woman” that which comes and completes … all that we fail to be! Thank you to all those that carry on! Hold the Light, and even Fight with the sword so that Mankind may have a tomorrow!

To all the Queens this Valentines DAY! We & I praise your name, and Thank an Almighty for thee.

A Queen’s Glory

A Fashion idea from draft to finish

A Trio of Fashion

The Fashion Look-Book for Infinite E Designs

It was a pleasure and pure enjoyment ~ working with the entire team to help create the foto support for the web galleries and print.   Cant wait to see all the fresh styles walking down the runway, and on the clients.

Models:  Skyelar, Hanna, & Miquela.

Shout-out to all the models, designers, and support staff that helped make it all happen.

Fashion designer Infinite E Designs 2015
Infinite E Designs 2015

Lights ~ Camera ~ Smiles

As a photographer, there is an amazing power to capture, freeze in a moment, & record the lights/shadows of the world around us.

The one thing with imagery is that there is no sound, no motion,  no live ~ actual moment.  it is a “still” of times past, a mil-second of some sliver of light that has been exposed and is now gone.  The reality is it is untouchable, unbreathable, unlivable.

But to the soul, the heart and LIFE that can express and portray their joys, tears, laughter and fears, their feelings, and sense of being into a “split still” of time.. That is it!  thus the creation of life in a beam of once lived – now comes to bring smiles and joys for all to see.

I say well done!  our stage actress Rose T.  Well done!   8)

Rose T. Actress Model Performer

FotoCafe LLC

FotoCafe LLC.  This is were all the images, galleries,  and basically the excitement of why we do what we do here at FotoCafe LLC & Events.   ITs all about the proof in the pudding, the Foto-Finish,  its about the Love of the Imagery and what it can do to people when they see the smiles…

FotoCafe LLC home screen
FotoCafe LLC home screen

Keep sharing and let the world know you are here!

Angel in the Light

I love images, moments, people, and all the breathes in-between.! Here is one of those moments that you are thinking “self if look into the light, i should get a natural lens flare”

…. then a week later after working and coming back to see the results.. and you realize.. that it was not self looking into the light…but yet a model whom takes it to the next level and becomes an angel of imagery!   JOB WELL DONE! 8)    see everyone soon

IED lookbook-925-XL